A Small Initiative From Bloomwealth Brand Equity Family

The coral swarm of the virus that has been inflicted on the world is constantly devouring the entire go human race. At this point it is our duty as all responsible citizens to consciously make it happen and to keep ourselves locked up. Because the virus is going to look awful tomorrow, so be careful in advance and stay home with yourself and your family today. In the meantime, the central government has launched a 21-days “LOCKDOWN” haul across the country. During this marathon shutdown, there are many poor & helpless citizens cannot buy the minimum quantity of food for living.They are dying with hunger. In the meantime, the Bloomwealth Brand Equity Family is pledging to be on the side of the locals, with very little affordability. With all of these small efforts, all of you have the support and awareness you need. If you have such a distressed family around you, call us at Toll Free Number 1800 – 212 – 242424 (24X7), and we will do our utmost to sincerely and consciously strive to be with them.

Bloomwealth Brand Equity Broker Pvt Ltd

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